Halloween prank w/ Jesse Wellens & Ricky Dean Logan ... recreating iconic BTTF 2 scene !

It's been almost 30 years since Back to the Future part 2 was released in movie theatres, which means Ricky Dean Logan hasn't  donned the gear from his iconic role as DATA since then. Wow, 30 frickin' years ! Can you believe that ?
Well this year was a special occasion... Jesse Wellens, famous youtuber assembles Griff's Gang for his annual Halloween special... Steve - O as Griff was a perfect choice to accompany Ricky in this prank video.

The premise of the video is to make people think he is riding a real hoverboard along side the Delorean. Check out his recreation of the film's iconic chase.

HOW ITS DONE - https://bit.ly/2DcxM1f
- BTS EDITED BY - Make.Art.Now - https://bit.ly/2Oej8aD

- PRODUCED BY - Sam Macaroni
- https://bit.ly/1wS6nmE
- STARRING - Steve-O - https://bit.ly/2SzVzg3
- STARRING - Chris Chann - https://bit.ly/2m8izoB
- STARRING - Ricky Dean Logan http://RickyDeanLogan.com
-STARRING - Najla Salome https://instagram.com/najlasalome
- HUGE THANKS BOOSTED BOARD GET ONE - https://www.boostedboards.com/
- Digital VFX and music by Tim Montijo Beats By - https://Brock-Berrigan.lnk.to/TheNarrows
- Derek Olsen http://RenttheDelorean.com

Special thanks to Joe Walser
Thanks Swooze and Misha & Mark!

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