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We’re Going Back 30th Anniversary

Fan Celebration of the Back to the Future film 

in the Los Angeles, California area from Wednesday, October 21 – Sunday, October 25th.

“Hey McFly … You Bojo! Those boards don’t work on water!”

Back in 2010, Ken Kapalowski and his time traveling friend, Joe Walser, the wonderful people of "We're Going Back" invited me to celebrate the 25th Anniversary with teaching the fans how to Hoverboard. It went beautifully. So well that for the 30th Anniversary they really upped the anti. 


With the help of other massive BTTF fans, and the cooperation of the BTTF community, including many of the cast and crew, they were able to organize this event for the fans… by the fans, with the proceeds raised donated to Team Fox.

Organizing an event of this magnitude was no easy task, and there was s a lot of pressure to not only take us all BACK again, but to do it bigger and better than they did before!  It was 2015, after all – the future had arrived, and you were about to embark on another historic journey through time!

Fans were thrilled with a day dedicated to Hoverboarding once again (as you will see in the day 2 video below). Two original
members of Griff’s gang, myself along with Darlene Vogel and the original stunt team from Back to the Future 2 were on hand to instruct and help fans “Hook On!” for an adventure they’d never forget!

Please watch Beyond The Marquee's videos below for a first hand look at all 5 days of events that went on and visit for all the deetz.



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