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Fans are sooooo Creative !!! Back to the Future part 4 & 5

Will There Ever Be a Back To The Future Part 4 ?

Fans have been asking me for years... "Will there ever be a Sequel ? "...

... Alas, the answer unfortunately is NO there won't be. The Bobs have told their story, but that doesn't stop the fans from wanting more. So in recent years we have seen continuations to the story via Comic Books and Video Games. Both of which are totally awesome in my opinion. If you haven't checked them out yet please do. Which brings me to my point... I was recently channel surfing on You Tube and came across Adam Koralik, of Figure It Out Productions. His company provides various forms of video entertainment such as Movie reviews, trailer mashups, videogame overviews, and more.

He put together a feature film of the closest thing the imagination could conceive of in a literal sequel to the Original Trilogy. He played the BTTF Video Games straight through and did a mash up for the fans by presenting it in a full length feature format. I say that is one dedicated fan.


Original Article written by Timely Paradox

Bob Gale has said there will never be a Back to the Future Part IV.

In almost the same sentence he said the closest we will ever get is Back to the Future: The Game.

So, Adam Koralik took matters into his own hands. He recorded a complete play through of the game, edited out all the gameplay, and what remains is now a near cinematic experience. Robert Zemeckis moved on to CGI movies soon after Back to the Future. Watching this edit, you can imagine Zemeckis decided to make a CGI Back to the Future sequel. Though because all gameplay includes almost all walking from one thing to another, the jump cuts can sometimes feel disjointed and reminiscent of a dream where you’re suddenly in one place with no memory of how you got there. If it was intentional to make me feel like I’m dreaming while watching Back to the Future Part IV, then well played, Adam.

Adam brings up an interesting point in his introduction to Part V. Back to the Future Part II and Part III were essentially one movie split up into two because of its length. The same thing happens here. The game was so long that Chapters 1 and 2 were made into Part IV, then Chapters 3, 4, and 5 were made into Part V.

Part IV is 1 hour and 47 minutes. Part V is 2 hours and 27 minutes. Of course you will get a much fuller experience if you play the game yourself. You will learn more about Hill Valley and hear more jokes. But if you want to just relax and watch something, especially after a marathon of the trilogy, this is perfect.

Here is Part IV:

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